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science teacher introduces student to the harshness of real life

EDIT - I wrote this a long time ago and saved it to drafts and then instead of publishing it made it into this video. But here it was in it’s simpler, Tumblog form.

To be fair, I also would have gotten this question “wrong”. I mean, technically, the strongest force is the strong nuclear interaction.

But, my guess from the previous question is that the teacher means “What thing has the largest impact on the geology of the earth” and the answer they expect is “water” by which you would mean “the hydrological cycle.”

This is a pretty easy argument to make, except that the hydrological cycle is powered by the sun and gravity, so it’s not really “water” at all, but a complicated set of interactions feeding off some unique properties of water.

However, one could argue that life (trees and people in particular) could be having a larger impact on current geological change than water. And if it’s people, then, as our current overpopulation was in fact fueled by sex, the student /could/ be correct in saying “love.” 

But I think actual answer to the question the teacher thinks he or she is asking is “the sun’s energy.” Without which they hydrological cycle, trees, and people would not exist.

And thus ends another edition of “Hank thinks way too much about things.”

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